Conversation with Sri Sri Sri Ravishankar

Conversation with Sri Sri Sri Ravishankar (Guruji)

Audience: Guruji, we love you.
Sri Sri: Our love is old.

Krishna said these words when he sat in samadhi.
Whatever Krishna said was not said as a person, but as a Shiv Tatva.

All the equipments: mike, light they all run on electricity.
They all look different but they run on the same thing.

Similarly we all look different but we are all made of the same thing.
The Sun and other things in the universe is made of the same universal energy.
even scientists agree with this.

What we consider as an item is not really an item, it is energy.
Krishna said the same thing in Gita: People think that I am a human being, I am in human form but I am shakti.

Q: Japa mantras feel special initially, later they don't.
Sri Sri: When you take a dip in Ganga, the first time it is cold. Later your body gets used to it. You don't need to worry about it. Gratefulness comes in waves.

q: There are so many mantras. Cna you speak about the spl effect of some mantras?
Sri Sri: It is said in Vishnu Sahasranam that everything has come in So Hum. Every mantra has an effect, but the important thing is meditation. Imp thing is to go beyond the mantra.

Q: Why are all the mantras in Sanskrit?
sri Sri: Mantras came first. Sanskrit came later. If you go deep into any language you feel find the sound there too.

Q: Difference between mantra and yantra?
Sri Sri; Mantra is name and yantra is form.

Q; What are the qualities of a good disciple?
Sri sri: This is a good homework. Tomorrow let's put a sheet here and whatever you feel like right that.
People on the net, send on e-mail what are the qualities of an ideal devotee.

Q: what is the best form of prayer?
Sri Sri: It is meditation. To know that you are being taken care of and recognise the divinity.

Q: dealing with spirits
Sri Sri: Take care of people around you. Don't focus your attention on spirits. Do your kriya, satsang.

Q: How do we dispose fliers and posters. I feel guilty throwing away something which has your picture on it.
Sri Sri: You can use it as a rough book or don't print too many of it.

Q; There are criminals in the cabinet and ministers in the jail.
Sri Sri: Everyone has to work together to remove corruption.
There needs to be a stir in the ministers.
Things will change.

Q; Once upon a time, farmers were doing very well.
Sri Sri: The ministers have not done well for the farmers. They should either do good or move away.
Ministers are not bothered about the people. It is very important to speak against the wrong things they are doing.

Q: I have given my 10th and 12th exams. How many more exams do i need to give to proove that I am intelligent.
Sri Sri: People who don't have intelligence want proof of other people's intelligence. I have been giving so many exams all these years and you have to give only a few for the next few years.

Q: Surrender and sankalpa: when to use which one?
Sri Sri: Sankalpa and Surrender needs to be used together.
For example, when you go to the cinema hall you have to first buy a ticket and then when you want to enter the cinema hall you have to give the ticket.

Jai Gurudev