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    Query for Webmaster and Editors

    Hello Webmaster and Editors,

    I wrote a nice (If I review) post under Resources - Maharashtra Tourism and Travel - Jalgaon Places to Visit with name "What are the tourist spots (attractions) in Jalgaon District"

    I got only get 15 points and 4Rs for this post. My query is that on what basis editor/webmaster gave me this point and reward? What was wrong in this post? I followed your all guidelines about writing post. This post is Grammatical correct, content wise fair enough, depth wise is also good, also given tags pictures. Then what was wrong in that? Why should I got less points and money?

    I asked similar kind of query in another post but I didn't get any answer to that also.

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    Hi Tushar

    I checked your resource at What are the tourist spots (attractions) in Jalgaon District.

    It is a good resource written by you and I too feel that you should had received more points and cash credits for that resource.

    But do not be disheartened. I hope that the Webmaster / editor takes a review of your resource. There are many points on which a resource is judged and marked which I am not aware of but are considered while editing.

    I will suggest you to go on writing more such good resources and get into the eyes of the administration team compelling them to give you good points and good credits too!!


    Dr. Apurva A. Tamhane
    B.H.M.S., C.C.H., C.G.O., M.D. Homoeopathy

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    Dear Tushar,

    Good question, Optimization of post in certain format is very important. You have written article on "What are the tourist spots (attractions) in Jalgaon District" then article should start with introduction about city, Then places to be visited, Maximum possible description will added more importance and then how to reach.

    The points and cash credits are given on the basis quality and uniqueness of the post. To getting maximum cash credits you have to take care of "Reproduced Content". Try to contribute more we are here to help you out. Wish you all the best.

    With Best Regards,

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    Hello Vilas,

    I said my article is nice.I don't say that it is best.

    Thanks for the tips. I want to check that, weather other people is also getting points and rewards or only selected members get good points and awards. That's why I posted average contents. Rather, I could improve that post.

    No one yet told me or explain me guidelines of reviewing, assigning points and rewards. I think system should more transparent.

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    Hello Apurva,

    Thank you for positive response and compliment.

    After getting less points and rewards, -ve thoughts were coming in my mind.

    I planned a lot about promoting this website and writing goos contents but such things -ve effect on my work.

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    Dear Tushar,

    Maharashtra Spider is transparent website and we not do any partiality. All members are same in the eye of webmaster and editor. Don't be hesitate to ask question, we are here to give you answer of your questions. I appreciate your goal to be a active member at MHS. Keep contribute more and success is your. Wish you all the best.

    With Best Regards,

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