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    Anything can happen in science-brain in knee

    "Can you ever imagine that what will happen if your brain is kept in your knee for sometime" it sounds very strange.But it is a true fact. This type of surgery is done by neuro-surgeon to cure diseases like brain tumor,brain attacks and brain injuries. In this type of cases , the piece of skull which covers the upper part of brain is cut off n joined for sometime on the upper part of knee thigh which is the upper part of knee and when the swelling of brain get reduces then that piece of skull is again attached by surgery on upper side.
    Whenever a person suffers from diseases associated to the brain then the brain get bigger in size due to swelling. So due to the upper part of skull the brain cannot get enough space to swell and hence this can create a pressure on brain , so to prevent this, the upper part of skull is taken off so this gives relaxation to brain. This process is too risky but there is no another way to cure this type of diseases ."

    Body is only a Bone-Bank
    The part of skull which is taken out is joined to the bone present in thigh for atleast 4months to 5 months untill the brain retains its original size. Then it is rejoined to the brain after its recovery. So our body, also behaves as a bone bank for our own bones.
    Increasing cases
    The number of persons having this types of diseases are also increasing gradually. In abroad the piece of skull is kept in the stomach instead of keepig it in thigh. Due to changing lifestyle of the generation chances of getting this diseases are increasing simultaneously and also due to pollution.
    No need in old-age
    When a person gets in its old -age the size of its brain normally decreases, so whenever a old person suffers from this type of diseases ,its brain have a very much space to expand after swelling. So there is no need of surgery but care must be taken properly.
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    Good information. This proves development of man. Technology of not only industrial but also medicinal have well progressed . There is speed and accuracy development too.

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