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    Our Anti corruption system needs a change

    Why is it that no one goes to jail in our country despite indulging in corruption? This is because we have completely rotten anti-corruption laws and anti-corruption agencies that it is almost impossible for the corrupt to be penalized.

    "India Against Corruption"

    Thanks for Anna Hazare for speaking up the minds of billions of Indians who are slowly losing hope due to deterioration in values driven by the people in power, the politicians and beareucarts. The people call themselves as representatives of common public and weild all the power in the name of people but indulge in all corrupt practices amassing obscence amount of wealth. They spend this money again to bribe voters leading to further deterioration in the system. The culprits have all the powers to legislate and hence they legislate that they can not be prosecuted without the prior consent of authorities like speaker etc. The currupt system thrives due to the legislative immunity enjoyed by these people.

    Now Anna Hazare, the veteran for Gandhian values has decided to sacrifice his life and went on an indefinite hunger strike to motivate the civil society to stand up and challenge the mighty exploiters. He has been crusading for passage of Lokpal bill for years now but only successful in making govt come up with a draft bill which is a sham.

    Let us all stand up against this affront against the civil society and build the citizen pressure on the Govt to come up with an effective Lokpal bill that makes it easy to bring the wrong doers in the pwer ful classes of Neta , babus and judges to book .

    Let each one of contribute in our own way to this mightly and noble cause. Let the hope bloom again.
    Jan Lokpal Bill is the solution

    Justice Santosh Hegde (former Supreme Court Judge and present Lokayukta of Karnataka), Prashant Bhushan (Supreme Court Lawyer) and Arvind Kejriwal (activist) have together drafted a strong anti-corruption law called Jan Lokpal Bill which requires that investigations into any case should be completed within a year and the trial should get over in the next one year so that a corrupt person goes to jail within two years of complaint and his ill gotten wealth is confiscated.
  • Jan Lokpal Bill (1240-62210-lokpal-bill-1.9.doc)
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    Dear Raghu,

    Thanks for raising anti-corruption issue. The rules and special cell is available but they have many limitations. I found that true people not have place in current system. The true and genuine people not like by current system because they will not allow to bad things or say corruption. Hope this Jan Lokpal bill empower the genuine people. For that all we have to support our great social reformer Anna Hazare.

    With Best Regards,

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    Hi Raghu,

    I agree with your question. It really needs to change in anti-corruption system. Anna Hazare is doing well for anti-corruption. I will support them and everybody should support them.
    It is very important for India because it is very raising. We want to control it.



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    Hello Raghu,
    Anna Hazare is first approacher to raise anti corruption issue.India faces very big scams like 2G Spectrum,Common Wealth Games.So I support Anna for this active movement.I think Lok Pal Bill will reduce corruption in India at about 70%.
    If we contribute to Anna's movement then we make Big Change in our society.
    With Best Regards,

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