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    Discuss: Which are the best films ?

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'Which are the best films ?'.

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    Hi friends,

    I think Bollywood is best.

    In bollywood Films they show our Indian culture, and mostly likable films than other..



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    HII shashivardhan ,
    I think Tollywood movies are best films because it deals with our traditional culture of India.Presentation of Emotional values and fighting scenes are best in Tollywood movies . Recently Robot movie gain more than 100 Crore business in film industry and movie special effects were as best as Hollywood movies. Sharukh Khan get inspiration from Robot for his new releasing movie Ra One.Most of our Bollywood film makers get their stories form Tollywood.Like Wanted called Pokiri. Rohit shetty movie Singham is also taken form Tollywood movie Singham.Surya play police man in tollywood film hear Ajay Devgan play a role of Police officer in movie Singham.
    Our Bollywood heroines also going to Tollywood for films.

    With Best Regards,

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    Hi Ashwin,

    Thanks for your suggestion. robot and Pokiri films are very good. I think the business of a film is not sufficient for the film becomes good and likable. For ex. Hollywood films gross tremendous money and does best business in boxoffice. Now in bollywood more films are remakes of tollywood and other industry because of their stories and culture as you say.

    Excepting some films there are most of the films are best ex. Baggban, kabhi khushi kabhi gum these are very good movies .

    Bollywood is also good....



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    Hi ,

    i like tollywood movies. because they all are not romantic movies. there is action, comedy, and lot of sentiment. thats why i like Tollywood.
    Bollywood is also good but iam from Tollywood.


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    Hallo Friends,

    Bollywood films are more better than other films becouse of bollywood making with story of our culture. In the bollywood films story, trasody, action, drama & romance also included.

    Therefore our bollywood is best other than films.

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    hi friends,

    i think hollywood films are extra-ordinary films.about bollywood ,they show only love story .

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    The Best films are always appreciated by the people and media.
    One more feature of this is revenue generated by the film hence we could add the same in all the fields mentioned here.

    If we go for local no doubt Bolly and Tolly is good.
    Overall earnings are higher in Holly hence the proof.

    Keep managing.

    "Success is jounery not destination!"
    "Sail the boat of Success!"

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    hi friends
    good thought arvind sir

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