Are you focus or have a consutrucive vision to achieve something in life?

Everybody needs money, for which generally most of the people running after the job/s in order to have better income and provide support to near and dear ones! But how long one would keep on working? If he/she stops working due to unforeseen (i.e. sickness, loss of job, accident, family commitments/problems, etc), how the family would be provided with financial support unless there is enough savings made over the period.

Generally, most of the people keep on looking forward for a new challenging / job opportunity with an appropriate senior/ management position in a different field in order to enhance financial strength. I hope you may agree that generally a person is never happy in the working environment and is always tempted to look for a change with better offer / job opportunity elsewhere, when he/she :

- is not having anything "On Hand" with regular extra income to support near and dear ones and provide good education to the kids !
- is not happy with the current monthly income OR with the Management / Infrastructure of an organization!!
- does not foresee future prospect/ exposure in the existing organization!
is working always under pressure in order to meet/ achieve the required result and hardly, having time to be with near and dear ones!
- is not having peace of mind in spite of being loyal with sincere hard work to the job!
- feels unsecured, would be retrenched due to redundancy and does not have any other financial back up "On Hand"!
- plans to start /have own business but does not have financial support / backing!
does not want to take a risk by investing hard earned money for the new business opportunity!

You may agree that 'One can never be reach by working for someone unless he/she works for himself/herself, keeping in mind to do something new consutructive with a different vision to achieve something in life or else NOT only he/she would continue doing the same things over and over for the years to come but also subsequently by their children and grand children unless CHANGED! I personally feel that one may have the required potential and skills but afraid to take step forward mainly due to the fear inside.

We are there to help to guide, train, motivate, teach how to do and make people strong enough who is willing to do something of his/her own concurrently and setup pipeline of income rather than working for someone.

In simple, one can feed someone fish for a day or two days but if we teach them how to fish, they would never be hungry?!!! This is our moto!

Based on the above, I would like to share a business opportunity with you, which is purely an E-commerce based Marketing platform of an Honkong based company and can be done by any common person at any time to her/ his convenient (either as Full time or Part time, i.e. utilizing spare available time, i. e. 12-14 HRS a week). It would help a person NOT only to achieve and enhance his/her financial strength within 3 to 4 years with NO BOSS on head but also provides Time Freedom, provided that if he wishes to work towards it seriously......(.?) instead of slogging for next 30 to 35 years by working for someone @ 8 to 10 hrs a day, keeping away from the family/ friends. Moreover, it would also add value in building your professional building career growth, academic career and personality development and many more to learn apart from providing financial back up for the next generation to come!!

Please do not hesitate to call me to discuss further if you are serioulsy looking forward to secure the future.

For your information, I am orginally from Mumbai and settled in Dubai. We keep on travelling India to expand our market as well as across the globe. If you wish also wish to secure your life as well as near and dear ones, pls do not hesitate to contact me. I plan to come to Mumbai, tentatively by end APR2011.

Thank you and with kind regards,
Mukesh Bhatia (Tel 00971 50 5257204)