MPSC online application system is erroneous

Copy of my email to MPSC:

Myself and my wife, appeared for state services preliminary examination 2011 on Sunday, 13th February 2011. We took print outs of hall ticket from official website of MPSC online. The seat numbers of our both was differing by 10 numbers than actual.

Name Actual Seat no. Seat no. that printed on hall ticket

XXX KL----89 KL----99
YYY KL----47 KL----57

However, this is truly surprising and unexpected. We have used the official website and took prints of hall ticket, the data cannot be edited meanwhile prints are being taken, then how come this change occurred. By my luck, somehow I could locate my name at KL----89 but my wife could not locate her seat. Because the number which was mentioned on her hall ticket was already occupied by some other candidate. She had to appear for exam without marking her presence on sheet with invigilator.

I am attaching all the scanned copies here with. Please consider this request and transfer the marks obtained by my wife to her actual seat number.

You may need to work on with VAST India to correct this bug. For you information, I have used Mozilla Firefox as browser while taking print outs. Please work on with VAST India, so in future no candidate will experience this problem.

My further investigation:

I took the print of hall ticket again today using internet explorer and surprisingly it gave me correct seat number. Both the numbers, seat number that appeared on computer screen and seat number that get printed on paper, are matching.

Now this is a serious issue. My internet browser versions are as specified on the website:

Internet explorer expected: IE 7 and above My configuration: IE8
Mozilla Firefox expected: 3 and above My configuration: 3.6.13

This clearly concludes that, data stream passed on for printing using Mozilla Firefox as browser is getting corrupted meanwhile.

Please reply with your comments.