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    Pratapgarh Fort

    Battle of Pratapgad

    The fort of Pratapgad
    Date November 10, 1659
    Location Pratapgad, now in Satara district near Pune, Maharashtra, India
    Result Decisive victory and major territorial gain for the Maratha forces

    Adilshahi forces of Afzal Khan & Marathaforces of Shivaji

    Commanders and leaders

    Fazal Khan, Muse Khan, Manoji Jagdale, Sardar Pandhare, Ambar Khan Netaji Palkar, Kanhoji Jedhe, Raghunath Pant Atre, Moropant Pingle, Tribak Bhaskar Sabnis

    Afzal Khan's Army:-

    12,000 Adilshahi cavalry
    10,000 infantry
    1,500 musketeers
    85 elephants
    1,200 camels
    80-90 cannon artillery
    5,000 reserved infantry at Wai.

    SHivaji's Army:-

    6,000 light cavalry headed by Netaji Palkar
    3,000 light infantry headed by Moropant Pingale
    4,000 reserved infantry headed by Kanhoji Jedhe.

    Casualties and losses

    Afzal Khan's:-

    5,000 killed
    5,000 wounded
    3,000 imprisoned
    Loss of artillery, 65 Elephants, 4000 Horses, 1200 Camels, jewels worth 300,000 Rupees, 1,000,000 Rupees, heaps of precious cloths, tents to the Marathas.
    Loss of money and grain stored at Wai.

    1,734 killed
    420 wounded
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    Dear Kadam Kumar,

    Thanks for nice information about Pratapgarh Fort and Maratha King Shivaji. Sure the strong confidence and faith never loss.

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    Hi Kadam,

    You information is outstanding but could you please mention the source of this information because we must adhere to the academic honesty policy which states that we must acknowledge the same every where.

    Once again your article has opened the real picture of the fort.
    Keep sharing,

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