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    Promoting other sites are they allowed.

    What are posting links to external websites Posting content for the purpose of promoting other sites are they allowed.
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    Hello manisha,

    You are not allowed to promote other websites through your posts at MHS. You can only give links to a partner site if it is relevant to the post at MHS.

    In the case of the Bookmarks section, here we are giving links to useful websites which can give some good information that is of use to readers. If you go through the links given in our Bookmarks section, you will see that none of the links are spam. That is, they are not promoting or endorsing other websites but are mentioning the type of information which a reader can get at that website.

    It is a good idea, too, to give a link in your article to a related bookmark.

    We also have a Links submission section. Here, you should not submit links of websites for the purpose of promotion. You have to submit links of sites where you have given some relevant link to MHS, such as in responses to queries asked at the Yahoo Answers site.


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    Point no.1

    You want links from external websites which may be dofollow but you are not letting peoples out with nodofollow links. Why you wants members to make links from external websites.

    If you think we are spamming your website you are also spamming the yahoo and all. And it is paid spamming.

    Also ISC and all network is spam network making fools people who don't know all these thing. Look what is in your link get bumper earning.

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    Each site has it's own policies and they need to be followed.

    There are several websites in the web which are made just to give links to other websites. is a typical example. Their primary focus is providing links to other sites and that is they do. If we post our links in that site, there is no spamming involved.

    There are several website directories as well. is a good example. They have nothing but links to other websites. There is absolutely nothing wrong in posting our sites there.

    There are several other websites which allow sharing information in their websites along with links to websites which provide additional information. Yahoo answers is a good example, but there are so many other sites. They do allow links to other websites, provided it is useful to their readers and it adds value to the answer posted there.

    We make it very clear - DO NOT violate the rules of the other sites. Post links to our sites in other sites only if it adds some value there and only if they are permitted by that site. We strictly do not allow people to get money from us for posting spam in other sites.

    There are millions of other websites in the web which do not allow linking to other sites.

    Just like any other websites, we too have our own rules. We allow linking to other sites when it adds value to our readers, but not to spam our content.

    Hope this answers your question.

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