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    it is a true that, the sun winds are very harmful to the earth in this year we can protect the earth from sun wind.
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    No, sun, winds are not harmful to the earth in this year 2011 but can be harmful in near future as it is mans own faith. Man destroyed trees, nature as and when he liked now he is facing consequences. Man must always remember he cannot overtake nature, nature will show its power. Best way is to grow more and more trees, be away from plastics, make less and less use of nature to safeguard it. Keep all types of pollution at minimum level.

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    Hi Omkar,

    You have post a very nice topic. I am agree with Leena, the Ozone layer is a shield of our healthy environment. Now we can observe the changes in seasons, which are drastically changed. It happens only selfish attitude of human, we have last chance to save our earth by planting more plants and reducing heat formation.

    With Best Regards,

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    hiiii friend's...>>>>>>>>>>

    There should b a mass campaign 2 save the planet earth .Every person should contribute at its level.we should save water and energy in all fields.In agriculture ,
    crops which require abundence of water like paddy should bgrown in areas with
    high rainfall. While bathing we should prefer showers than big bath tubs.We should
    not use automobiles to approach nearby places.Alternative sources of energy
    production like wind,sun,water should b used.We should lead life in accordance
    with nature.


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    Namaste friends,

    Instead of saying this and that must be done, I think we must say I will do this to save Earth and implement it. It is easy to start and I had started with no to plastic bags for vegetables. To save Earth is our responsibility and we must perform it.

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