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In addition to the revenue offered through the Google AdSense revenue sharing program, we also offer several Cash and Gift awards to
members who post and share valuable content with us on

Cash awards will be accumulated in your profile and will be paid to you in the form of demand draft or bank transfer when it reaches the minimum pay out amount.

If your earnings are less Rs 50, it may not appear here.

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Member NameNumber of GiftsCash CreditsPaymentsBalance
Vilas14Rs 2535Rs 2850Rs -315
Vandana13Rs 2756Rs 2950Rs -194
Sagar K.12Rs 2156Rs 1900Rs 256
Apurva Tamhane9Rs 1107Rs 1000Rs 107
Nikhil Dhondiram Bille9Rs 2733Rs 2100Rs 633
Ritesh Gedam7Rs 1091Rs 1000Rs 91
Arvind Kuril6Rs 439Rs 500Rs -61
R Pramod5Rs 1445Rs 1400Rs 45
pramod5Rs 80Rs 0Rs 80
Ankit Garg5Rs 408Rs 500Rs -92
Lalitha Ganesan5Rs 1544Rs 1500Rs 44
Sangeeta Sanjay Chaubal5Rs 1577Rs 2400Rs -823
Sunil Chavan5Rs 1609Rs 1200Rs 409
sumit4Rs 146Rs 0Rs 146
Ashwin4Rs 978Rs 800Rs 178
Mahesh4Rs 4136Rs 0Rs 4136
Kiran4Rs 607Rs 1000Rs -393
Pravin S Chavre4Rs 468Rs 0Rs 468
Raghav4Rs 2057Rs 2000Rs 57
Namita Terse4Rs 171Rs 0Rs 171
Manzil Barbora3Rs 709Rs 700Rs 9
Madhusmita3Rs 320Rs 500Rs -180
manisha3Rs 30Rs 0Rs 30
Pranay3Rs 331Rs 0Rs 331
Nikhil Shelke3Rs 56Rs 0Rs 56
nitin3Rs 29Rs 0Rs 29
leena walawalkar3Rs 62Rs 0Rs 62
Pramod Kumar Asthana3Rs 50Rs 0Rs 50
Deeptesh Sharma3Rs 287Rs 0Rs 287
SURAJ3Rs 17Rs 0Rs 17
Satish3Rs 189Rs 0Rs 189
Priyank gala3Rs -213Rs 0Rs -213
Santosh Davari3Rs 53Rs 0Rs 53
Syam3Rs 143Rs 0Rs 143
Vannia raja3Rs 120Rs 0Rs 120
Siddharth Pani3Rs 335Rs 600Rs -265
shilpa2Rs 12Rs 0Rs 12
Shashank Paunikar2Rs 37Rs 0Rs 37
suhel2Rs 111Rs 0Rs 111
Sumit2Rs 7Rs 0Rs 7
Varid2Rs 105Rs 0Rs 105
trupti gulhane2Rs 87Rs 0Rs 87
Tushar2Rs 21Rs 0Rs 21
Swapnil Yelkar2Rs 11Rs 0Rs 11
Varsha2Rs 18Rs 0Rs 18
Vrushali Bille2Rs 35Rs 0Rs 35
Vibha2Rs 625Rs 0Rs 625
Amit Sawarkar2Rs 161Rs 0Rs 161
Ganesh Bade2Rs 6Rs 0Rs 6
Anupama2Rs 15Rs 0Rs 15

Total Cash Credits: Rs 31,812.00

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